Motives Gives Back

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Motives Gives Back

Motives International is committed to social responsibility.

Motives International takes pride in supporting local and internationally based charitable organizations. We're devoted to our employees and their communities.

Employee Program

Building Homes for Local Communities

Since the initiation of this program in 2014, Motives has built 18 homes for families in local Vietnamese communities. Our team works diligently with charitable organizations to identify the areas in most need of improved living conditions.

Employee Program

Motives Supporting Fund

We take the concept of family very seriously at Motives. Not only do we focus on the social welfare of our employees, but we look at how to help and support the extended families as well. This could include parents of our employees, or more distant relative (aunts, uncles, cousins, etc) as well. We have created a fund to support the extended families of our employees during times of natural disaster or medical crisis.

Social Responsibility

Community Partners

Children's Education Fund

Advanced education is fundamental to continued growth and success. We work closely with local schools to identify students in Vietnam who are eligible for placement in acclaimed universities, but need financial support to attend. Motives provides financial aid to these students as well as career counseling. In 2016 and 2017, we awarded academic scholarships to 27 students.

Ronald McDonald House Charity

Ronald McDonald House Charities was founded in 1974, with the purpose of supporting families through medical challenges. The core programs including Ronald McDonald Houses, Ronald McDonald Family Rooms, and Ronald McDonald Care Mobiles have helped more than 7 million families.

The Father's Day / Mother's Day Council

The Father’s Day / Mother’s Day Council is a not-for-profit organization designed to support philanthropic causes. By honoring contemporary lifestyle leaders, the organization is able to raise funds that are donated to key charities such as Save the Children. In one year alone, Save the Children serves more than 250,000 families in the United States.

Pelotania Bike Tour

This grassroots bike tour was designed to raise funds in support of cancer research at The Ohio State University. The program includes a two-day experience focused on cycling, entertainment and volunteerism. This was designed to ensure that 100% of all funds raised by riders are donated directly to cancer research.

We honor our customers and employees every day, by treating them like who they are, important members of our extended family.